Why Renovate?

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home improvement ideas  

Home Improvement Ideas

  • Ensure contractor carries liability insurance

  • Ensure contractor uses licenced trades (plumber, electrician, etc.)

  • Get it on paper ( written contracts protects both parties)

  • Are permits required?

  • lowest price is not always the best deal ( do your home work)

  • does the contractor have referrals

Tips when hiring a contractor

create a family space, or bring your house up to current building codes. Renovating can build a healthy safe home. 

  • Improve comfort and safety

Are you and your family out growing your home, but love your neighborhood? add and addition to your home to suite your needs.

  • Add space

Create the home of your dreams, make it unique and make it yours.

  • Make it your own

Lets face it no one is getting any younger, prepare your home for easier living as you age.

  • Age in place

Upgrading your home with items like wheelchair ramps, accessible bathrooms, and grab bars can help people with disabilities or the elderly access your homes features a little easier.

  • Make it accessible

Certain upgrades such as new windows and doors, insulation, furnaces and low flow toilets can help you save money by making your home more efficient.

  • Improve Energy efficiency

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life time updating or retrofitting your home can increase the market value of the home.

  • Improve Property Value

Change your homes look, give it a fresh new appeal, just because you own an older home does not mean you can`t keep up with todays design trends.

  • Update / modernize

Renovating has more purpose then just looks, it creates a more functional and comfortable living environment for yourself, family and friends.

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